Winning the Lottery and Living the Life

On June 2nd, a lucky person in Ohio hauled in the $261 million Powerball jackpot. Every time I hear stories like that I imagine how great it would be to win the lottery, and it comforts me to know that however slim the possibility, it could happen. I usually play a few scratch lottery tickets, and I’ll play Powerball when it gets to its higher amounts. Each time I buy a lottery ticket I check out the websites shortly after the draw to see how I did. So far I’ve only won a few bucks. Still, it’s nice to think about winning. What would I do? Here are five things I would do if I won the lottery.1. Pay off debt

I’d say good-bye to my student loans, car loans, and other debts if I won the lottery. I’d make sure my credit report showed 0 balances on every account. I’ve spent years rebuilding credit in the past, so it sure would be nice to have elite credit for once. I’d pay money I owe people as well, with interest. Debt is a major stressor in life, and getting rid of that has to one of the best feelings in your financial life.

  1. Take care of the family

After winning the lottery, I’d treat my parents, siblings, and other family members to a great dinner at somewhere flashy. Then, I’d send my parents on a dream vacation and buy them a house they could retire in. I’d give my siblings some money they can save to make their lives easier as well. I’d make sure I share the wealth so that those around me can be as comfortable as I would be. You should never forget how often your family was there for you. I’d also take care of my future family. I’d put money in savings for kids, deposit a ton in college funds, make investments for retirement, and do whatever else I could to ensure a comfortable life for future generations.

  1. Buy a house

I would buy a house, but probably not a mansion. I’d certainly want a nice house, but I don’t need something I would see on Cribs if I won the lottery. I’d buy a nice house, and get some nice things to fill it. Again, probably nothing too extravagant. Depending on the size of my jackpot, I’d also buy a vacation house. I’d like it to either be down the shore at Wildwood or somewhere like Florida. This house doesn’t need to be a palace either, but I’d like it to be something nice that people can use from time to time.

  1. Find other work

I wouldn’t retire If I won the lottery, but I’d find a job that makes me happier. I’d leave my stress filled job and do something I always wanted to do. One idea would be to open a sports bar. Another idea would be to design and run a golf course. Maybe I’ll buy some interest in a pro sports team, or start my own minor league baseball team. I could even start my own brewery. I’d do something that would make me happy but would also allow me to be creative and enjoy my work. But I would definitely work. I’d get too bored if I didn’t do anything. I wouldn’t want to find out what that’s like. I have a lot of ideas, and I love movies too, so I would like to start a company in that field. Winning the lottery would give me a lot of options.

  1. Do some random things

I probably wouldn’t spoil myself too much, but there a few things I would like to try. I’d take myself, my parents, and a few others and enter us in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. I’d take my girlfriend to Europe. I’d try to see as many ballparks and college football games as I could. A golf vacation would be in my future as well. Winning the lottery could allow me to see a lot of things I always wanted to see and do things I always wanted to do but probably can’t afford to without that jackpot ticket.

Winning the lottery would be an amazing thing, but I would want to stay modest and involved. I wouldn’t want to waste money just because I can. Winning the lottery gives people an opportunity to do some amazing things in life, and that would be a tremendous gift.

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