Critical Analysis: Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"

There is a lot that can be said about Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery." It is a classic for many reasons. It's controversial, especially for the time in which it was written, thought provoking in the underlying meaning of it all, and a terrifyingly accurate account of the darker things people are capable of. Over the years, it has sparked a lot of debate, perhaps because people are uncomfortable with how close to home the story's themes can hit. In it, Jackson touches on such issues as hypocrisy, mob mentality, impatience, and selfishness. She creates a world so normal and innocuous that, from the beginning, the readers find themselves sucked in to the story, able to relate. This is why the ending comes to us as such a great surprise, because one minute we're there, on a warm sunny day with all of our neighbors and friends, and in the next minute, we're part of a world that's full of terrible rituals and unbelievable things. In "The Lottery," Shirley Jackson demonstrates the darkest sides of human nature.Hypocrisy is one of the first themes that we come across as readers in "The Lottery," and there are a few instances in which we see this demonstrated. In the beginning of the story, the men are shown as the typical head of the household, authoritative, chivalrous figures. The men are the ones who draw the names for the whole family, and when the women call for the children and the children don't …

UFC 102 Betting Predictions

UFC 101 is in the books, so let’s focus on the next PPV event – UFC 102! There are several fights that should prove for good betting action. Below are my expert predictions (all of which I am betting as well, you got to put your money where your mouth is!)Randy Couture -200 vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira +160
Two legends battle it out in this main event. The 46-year old Randy Couture faces the oldest looking 33-year old in the world. This could very well be the last fight in each man’s career.

Randy is the favorite because he’s extremely popular and is clutch under pressure. However, each man is coming off brutal losses. Nogueira’s loss is a bigger deal since he was man-handled by Frank Mir, not particularly known for his striking. That loss was the first knockout of Nogueira’s career. Couture, on the other hand, is coming off a pummeling from Lesnar but that’s no big surprise.

Both guys are past their prime and I don’t see anyone finishing the other guy. Expect a three-round razor thin decision. If it really is a coin flip fight, let the odds work in your favor.

Pick: Nogueira over Couture (3rd round split decision)

Keith Jardine -175 vs Thiago Silva +145
Keith Jardine is an enigma. He can go in and decisively beat greats like Chuck Liddell or Forrest Griffin. And turn around and get demolished by Houston Alexander or rape-choked by Wanderlei Silva. He his very herky-jerky and …

How Winning the Lottery Effects Your Life

First a disclaimer: I am no expert in this subject. Second, I am going to try to be. Third, I am going to imagine what it would be like to win the big million using my own imagination and using what I have observed with other winners.1.Quit my day job. Some I have heard do keep their jobs. And still some may keep them even if they are yet to win. But me that would have to go. Now if you really love the work you do at Big burger. If flinging those greasy patties, putting up with irate customers, making minimum wage is your ideal and you just can't give it up. Go ahead hang onto the fun. I would rather spend my time volunteering, having freedom in my schedule to not be beholden to the boss man or woman as is often the case making me work grueling hours for as little as they can get away with without sick pay and or vacation. No thank you. Permanent vacation here I come.

  1. Speaking of insurance. Health insurance that is. I would finally be able to afford it. I would gladly leave behind the Family clinic where the Doctors seem to get their license from the gumball machine. I would go to the regular clinics where your wait for the Dr. is less than twenty minutes and you are led to a patient's room which remind you of the good old U.S. A. Not the backside of some ….You

Buy a Lottery Ticket – It's OK to Dream!

Like many other dreamers out there, I like to buy lottery tickets. Sure, I know that I will probably never win anything other than some free tickets or a measly $5 prize, but hey, I don't care. I love waking up in the morning and retrieving the newspaper and then opening it up to the page that reveals last night's winning lottery numbers. The anticipation is so exciting, especially if the first number that you notice is one of the numbers that you picked! The cold, hard reality does eventually settle in, as you later realize that you didn't match any of the other numbers, but hey, it was an exciting 10 seconds, wasn't it? I can dream, can't I? Hey, somebody has to win, right? Why can't it be me? Why can't it be you? Why can't it be your mother? Why can't it be your father? Why can't it be your girlfriend or boyfriend? It has to be SOMEBODY!A friend of mine ridicules me for wasting a couple dollars a week on these tickets. Meanwhile, he spends about $10 a week on Twinkies and soda pop. How can you make fun of me for throwing away $3 a week on lotto tickets while you spend $10 a week on CRAP?! Hey, at least these lotto tickets won't turn me into an obese creature! In my opinion, HE is the one wasting money! Buying that junk does you absolutely no good. It's only good for curing your late night …

Lottery Success : Five Ways Your Life Would Change by Winning the Lotto

A rags to riches story is best summarized by growing up in a run down shack to somehow making it big and becoming Oprah. Well unfortunately, not all of us are African American women who strive to hit it big in the media. Perhaps you have basketball talent so maybe you play well in high school, earn a scholarship, get drafted into the NBA, and go all the way to the NBA finals. It's a nice dream to have, but it's highly unlikely.So what's the next option: sell your body on the streets (it's generally frowned upon and illegal for the most part) or maybe become a drug dealer (your fiance's in-laws probably won't approve). No the answer is winning the lottery.

Winning the lottery for some is the American Dream, it is the ultimate rags to riches story, the fantasy that tops all fantasies. What we don't realize is how different things would be if we actually hit the Mega Millions. Imagine winning over 200 million dollars, impossible maybe, but what if one day it happens and you win it, what does it mean exactly?

Well here are 5 ways your life may and most likely will change.

  1.  Bills, Bills, Bills

Are you thousands of dollars in debt, do you have dozens of unpaid parking tickets, what about your mortgage or car payments, your little fiasco at the local strip club, your boatload of crap that you bought from QVC, the Home Shopping

Spread Betting: Using Guaranteed Stops to Trade

I am getting keen about spread betting but I use only guaranteed ones as I don't have a large capital base. Why? Because I can bring the stops up, so after a little while I am running for free. Plus I don't have the risk of a oiler (for instance) that will drop 50% and my stop will not be triggered and will result in a massive loss. I basically enter my stop loss when I open the position and whatever happen, I stick to it since it will be triggered without me doing anything…My Spread Betting Strategy

Here is my spread betting strategy… If I take the POG example, I opened a first 10GBP/pp, which soon turned into a guaranteed profit so I opened a second one and then a third one (one per contract at the maximum guaranteed position allowed), the 3 are in profit now and whatever happen, they will close on a profit and in the meantime, it gives me a 30GBP/pp spread bet for free.

Using this technique and despite several losses (typo on FTSE (almost making drop the towel), ITL, etc.), I now have a spread betting account with 14 positions between only 5 companies which are all free positions as following my today withdrawal, I took back my entire initial investments.

I am showing a +122.5% on this account should I was closing all of them as we speak and should all these positions triggered their stop loss tomorrow at opening, I …

Winning the Lottery and Living the Life

On June 2nd, a lucky person in Ohio hauled in the $261 million Powerball jackpot. Every time I hear stories like that I imagine how great it would be to win the lottery, and it comforts me to know that however slim the possibility, it could happen. I usually play a few scratch lottery tickets, and I’ll play Powerball when it gets to its higher amounts. Each time I buy a lottery ticket I check out the websites shortly after the draw to see how I did. So far I’ve only won a few bucks. Still, it’s nice to think about winning. What would I do? Here are five things I would do if I won the lottery.1. Pay off debt

I’d say good-bye to my student loans, car loans, and other debts if I won the lottery. I’d make sure my credit report showed 0 balances on every account. I’ve spent years rebuilding credit in the past, so it sure would be nice to have elite credit for once. I’d pay money I owe people as well, with interest. Debt is a major stressor in life, and getting rid of that has to one of the best feelings in your financial life.

  1. Take care of the family

After winning the lottery, I’d treat my parents, siblings, and other family members to a great dinner at somewhere flashy. Then, I’d send my parents on a dream vacation and buy them a house they could retire in. I’d give my siblings …

Area Gamblers Aren't Feeling the Pinch of the Tight Economy

They say that in bad economic times about the only thing that people don’t cut back on is entertainment. “Batman the Dark Knight,” this summer’s blockbuster movie, is on its way to breaking all time attendance records, giving Spiderman III and even the mighty Star Wars a run for their money in box office receipts. And St. Louis area gamblers haven’t been staying away from the casinos either. My mom’s favorite thing to do after she retired was to hit the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles near her home several times a week. When things got a little tight, she would simply cut back on the amount of money she put in the machines, going from the quarter slots down to the nickel and so on. If she came out ahead she would save that for the next time her and her friends went and go back up in her denominations.According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, ( local casino revenues jumped 7.5 percent in July, despite the economy being weak. Gamers spent some $90.6 million at the six area casinos in July of 2008. Much of the gain was attributed to the new Lumiere Casino downtown, which opened in December. The area’s revenue leader, Ameristar out in St. Charles, saw an increase of 5.6 percent and the Casino Queen, which sits across the river from Lumiere, saw a slight increase. It’s the first one they have seen since the new casino opened. The President Casino has seen a big …

On Winning the Lottery – Mine I Tell You

Honey, I won the lottery. What do you mean WE won the lottery? Nah, get that straight, it's "I" won the lottery. Ooops, should I remind you of those papers you signed? The ones that were a prenuptial that entitles you to nothing less, and nothing more than a bit of lint from my belly button, some neosporin because well you're uhmmm, f****d (this is a G rated site trying to keep things clean here) for the chaffing, and a save the tatas sticker I got for free when I went to Cancun with your best friend. (Don't be jealous, I trust(ed) you, so that should mean you would trust me…right?)Geez, what's a guy gotta do? Put soap in your mouth? Hmmm? No need to curse, there's no doubt you're upset, you should have thought better before you went visiting the neighbor…for sugar (though there was plenty in the larder). Tell you what? I'll forward to you a check to pay for the plastic surgery you'll need to become perfect. Remember all our conversations regarding being just "right". Making an effort wouldn't have hurt. So, as you know, this is my attempt to help you along. No need for an effusive thank you, I know you're grateful. (Did you hurt your finger? Why are you showing it to me?)

Yes, yes, I know that you thought I was the one that needed to put in the effort, fix this, fix that, but alas, I've got money now, I AM now …

Betting on the Numbers

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In 1941, when I started my first job at The American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York, I met a numbers runner for the first time. An individual would come to the area where I worked and take bets from workers. There was a game the workers played. If I guessed what the number to come out the next day was going to be, I’d get $540 for every dollar that I bet. The number to guess could have three digits from 000 to 999. This was a marvelous reward, I thought, and I tried doing it for a while. I didn’t win anything so I reduced the amount bet to ten cents and made ten bets each day. My reasoning was that I had ten times as much chance to win. My bets were no more successful with this strategy than they had been before.I thought about the problem and hit upon an idea that I thought might work. I asked the runner if he could give me a list of the winning numbers for the last several years. He was able to do this and did. I divided the numbers into 100 groups of ten numbers each. (There are 1000 possible numbers between the numbers 000 and 999.) I numbered each group from 1 to 100 and made a table that showed how many times a number had won in each group. Some groups had one or two winning numbers, some six or seven, some none. I felt …