Gambling – Sin, Sickness or Fun

Most things in life are a gamble. We plan from day to day and we make plans for the future. Plans are a gamble because we cannot predict the future. If all the plans come together, then the gamble has been successful. When a person makes a plan for tomorrow, one gamble would be that he/she wakes up tomorrow.According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, gamble, as a verb, is to play a game for money or property; bet; wager; venture. Gamble, as a noun, is a risky undertaking. We all gamble on the unknown stumbling blocks of the future.

Is Gambling a Sin?

The Bible doesn’t come right out and say that gambling is a sin. There are several verses that mention money, i.e. the love of money is a sin. (1 Timothy 6:10; Hebrews 13:5). Gambling to beat the odds, to win “easy money”, could be considered a sin.

Is Gambling a Sickness?

Gambling, itself is not a sickness. When gambling becomes a compulsion or an addiction, it becomes a sickness. A gambler doesn’t realize where or when he crossed the line. According to CNN Medical Correspondent, Steve Salvatore, addicted gamblers are just as sick as alcoholics. To play in a casino or to play the lottery is gambling. If a person buys one lottery ticket per week, that person is gambling, but wouldn’t be considered an addict. If that same person began increasing the amount of tickets purchased each week, there is an indication that an addiction is taking hold and that person should seek help.

Gambling for Fun

Gambling is a great pastime. Whether playing penny-ante poker with friends or taking a vacation to a casino town, gambling can be fun if planned properly. Penny-ante poker can be enjoyed with an investment of the pocket change that you accumulate through the week. It doesn’t hurt to lose, it feels great to win and it’s great to get together with your friends. A vacation to a casino town should be planned in advance. Plan for the amount of money you’ll have to play with. Don’t go if you can’t afford to lose. Casinos are in business to make money. They make money from the gamblers that play in their establishments. The odds are against you when you walk through the door. Casinos mail out fliers with offers that look good on paper. Free rooms, so much money in free play, free this and free that. Don’t be taken in. There is nothing free in the business world that won’t cost you. A free room means that you will be staying at a casino where the only thing to do is gamble, go to celebrity shows and eat. Their offering has a business plan behind it. They want a monopoly on your wallet.

Remember that gambling can be addicting. If you go somewhere to gamble because you have to make some money, the odds are that you’ll lose. If you go for the pleasure of playing, the odds are against you but you have planned an amount of money for entertainment. When you plan to spend a certain amount for enjoyment, it doesn’t matter if you spend it wining and dining or gambling.

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