NBA Draft Lottery: What Are the Odds

I've read that the NBA wants to create an element of surprise and perhaps provide some level of fairness too in determining who will draft first through 15. It seems like a relatively complex drawing in that only the first three spots are really up for grabs, while a team could fall back in the order by a corresponding number from where they would otherwise would have selected based on their prior year's win-loss record.I find it really curious to see that the worst team receives just a 25 percent chance in winning the top prize – the #1 overall selection. Although the rest of the lottery entrants have a far smaller individual chance to win, they combine for a 75 percent chance to win. Which odds would you rather have in a bet?

Although all of the other draft lottery teams have a far lower individual chance of winning, collectively they seem to have overwhelming odds in their favor that one of them will win over the team with just a 25 percent chance.

Not since 2004 has the team with the worst record won the top draft spot (Orlando drafted Dwight Howard first overall with that selection). Last year Cleveland won the prize, instead of drafting eighth as their record would have dictated.

I think the question should be raised whether this format really helps the league maintain competitive parity. It can be argued that the draft is always a gamble, especially given that the players that are …


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This film is described as a comedy drama and, as the person sitting next to me laughed once, I’ll go along with the comedy but, as regards the latter, I’ve seen more drama in the late afternoon line at the local post office when a customer has given the only clerk on duty the paperwork for a passport. Now that is drama. (Note: although I didn’t join in the exchange I do agree that a specific officer should be responsible for passports but I don’t agree that just because a female clerk sticks up for herself and wears a shirt that she’s a lesbian)Kevin Carson lives in the projects with his grandmother and works in a local shoe store. He’s just graduated from school but can’t afford to go to college. However, his luck changes when he decides, for the first time in his life, to buy a lottery ticket. His numbers come up and he’s the only winner of the $370 million prize but, when he goes to make his claim, the Lottery Office is closed for the holidays and he has to wait three days before he can claim his check.

Kevin is a very nice guy. He’s unassuming, sweet to his grandmother, kind to strangers, polite to his colleagues and gets on well with his friends. So as a person, he’s most likeable, but as a lead character in a film, he sucks. And it gets worse. Kevin’s grandmother is loving and a domestic goddess, his best …

A Method to Winning the Lottery

As a daily lottery player I can tell you that there is nothing like your first win. It instantly takes away the memories of all the previous day, weeks and months losses. The day you win the lottery you immediately go out and play extra numbers, this betters your chances. Playing more numbers do better your chances in mathematical terms, but overspending daily to chase those extra numbers, won't put you ahead even when you do win. You will still be in the whole from the gambling of days gone by.The daily numbers, or the "Numbers Game" is statistically a better bet. Picking three numbers instead of four is about the cut off for making any good money if you hit, while still spending minimal. Unless you are willing to put a massive bet on the 1 or 2 numbers for winning.

I will start off by saying if you pick a 3 number bet for $1 and you win, the winnings will be over the $500 dollar mark, which is the cut off for collecting your winnings at a store lottery agent. You will need to go to the lottery sub headquarters to collect and their you will have to fill out tax forms.

If you play the same 3 numbers for 50 cents and play that number 2,3,or 4 times, you will not have to go to the lottery sub headquarters if you win. You can take all your tickets to the store, collect your winnings. You legally …