Lottery Scams: What You Should Know

They send you out the letters which at first glance look official, saying you are a winner in a lottery. They will also enclose a check or a cashier's check to help you pay for taxes on the lottery. Everything looks so correct and you start to get excited because you won the lottery! But this is probably a scam.How the process works

They send you the letter with the check. They also congratulate you on winning a lottery. These lotteries usually never exist, and if they are real lottery you probably never entered them. They tell you in the letter that all you have to do is cash the check and send them the money back by Western Union to pay for your taxes on your winnings. Once they receive the money for the taxes they will send you another check with the balance of the winnings. These checks are usually under $5000 that they send you to cash so that the banks or Western Union don't get suspicious. They give you a number to call for further instructions and questions. The check that they usually send has a name of a real bank, but if you call the bank, they will tell you that the money isn't in there to cash the check.

How the scammers make money, and How you lose money

If you take the check and cash it, you may get the cash for it. Once the back finds out that the check is no …

Playing the Lottery Offers More Than Just Potential Monetary Benefits

For years, we never played the lottery. My parents didn’t play, my wife didn’t play, and I didn’t play. I considered it (and still consider it in a way) a waste of money. However, lately, we have played the lottery on several occasions.

While we’re not habitual lottery participants, typically only playing the Mega Millions when there is a large jackpot, we’ve found that there are certain peripheral benefits that surround playing the lottery.

Why not?

It only takes a dollar to have a chance of winning big in the lottery, and if we have a buck to spare, we figure, why not? The benefits far exceed the financial downsides. Plus, its fun to dream of what we might do with that money should we win. But there is more to playing the lottery than just the dreams the process invokes. And part of the process of playing can help us with the planning of our financial future.

A focus on financial planning

Maybe the most valuable aspect of playing the lottery – even when we don’t win – is the opportunity it provides for financial planning. Considering what we’d do with a million, ten million, a hundred million dollars or more is a good exercise in financial planning. Deciding how that money would be divvied up between debt reduction, savings, real estate, investments, and more can indicate where and how money should be allocated on a smaller scale. It can also help determine risk tolerance as well as how …

I Win the Lottery Every Day

Sounds fishy, doesn't it? Yet according to my e-mail, I win the lottery almost every day. I have pasted some of these fraudulent e-mails below:OFFICIAL PRIZE NOTIFICATION

After a successful completion of the draws of the MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMO
Held on the 1st Of March 2008, your e-mail address, attached to
Winning numbers 🙁 23) (77) (04) (57) (33) (170) won in the Tenth
lottery Category.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £150,000,00
(One Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds Sterling) in cash
credited to file REFNO:MSW-L/007-28793,BATCH NO:2008MJL-05.All
participants were selected through our Microsoft computer ballot system
drawn form 142,000 Names, as part of our International "E-MAIL"
Program for our prominent MS-WORD users all over the world and for the
continuous use of the internet.

You are advice to contact the claims processor with the details below:
Mr. Andrew Peters


  1. Full Name ………………………………
    2. Address:………………………………
    3. Phone: …………… Fax:……………
    4. Country:………………………………
    5. Sex…………………………………….

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Pamela Williams

My Dear Loved one,

Calvary greetings in the name of the Almighty, Getting your
contact was not an easy task because since I am not computer
literate, I ordered an expert to seek a fellow very far away
and he went to the institute of International Business to
apply before i could reach you. I shall make every detail
simple and available to you as you progress with the work…

Five Ideas for Lottery Winners

First thought when hearing the word lottery: money. Second or third thought? Cars, houses, vacations; materialistic ideas that are closely associated with winning any large sum of money. What would you do if you were to become one of the few who have won the lottery?With money comes power. You can change your life for the better or the worst. The logical thing to do would be to put a certain amount aside so that you won't have any expenses to pay the rest of your life. But what's the fun in that? You only live once, and how many people get this opportunity? Go crazy; make memories that will last longer than your money ever could.

First thing to do on my list would be travelling. Hitting all of the main tourist attractions around the world would be necessary, but also exploring and discovering would be a rewarding adventure. Imagine finding a private oasis beneath the undercover of menacing, towering trees off of a worn dirt path. Breathtaking sights are waiting to be unveiled.

Winning the lottery would allow you to buy virtually anything. Designing your own amusement park would be an interesting idea, especially since you could afford to switch what rides are available or what entertainment is performing. Being an artistic person, I'd want to build my own house on a unique spot of land. The possibilities of buying and building seem to be never ending.

Third activity on the list would be using the money to …

Lottery Daydreams

When lottery jackpots grow people naturally daydream about what they would do if by chance they won.I, like so many Americans, enjoy a few cool beverages after the day's work. I commonly go to a little neighborhood bar by my home for an idle hour of conversation The kind of place where everybody knows your name. The patrons are mostly middle-aged working class people, married with children in various stages of education and life.

Recently, the conversation turned to lottery day dreams and people took turns discussing what they would do with their new-found wealth. Some would retire sooner and in more comfort than they had planned. Some would improve their homes or buy a new home they had always wanted. Some would pay their children's mortgages and make their lives more comfortable. Others would pay their children's or grandchildren's education to help them achieve their goals. For the most part things like that. One guy did observe that he would prepay his stay at the Betty Ford Clinic.

I was struck by the uniform generosity and kindness of these day dreams. This money, if won, would simply fulfill things people had been working on their whole lives in a few, very lucky seconds. No one wanted to corner the market on some commodity or set up a rival to Bain Capital or Berkshire-Hathaway.

I'm sure these conversations were repeated thousands of times the whole way across the country and they confirm what I have always thought: The average American …

The NBA Draft Lottery Results and Analysis

See the source image

Last night’s NBA Draft Lottery had a few surprises, but nearly as much surprise as the Bulls getting the number one slot a few years ago. The Wizards were lucky enough to have won the first pick of the draft, which they will likely select John Wall. Here is my analysis of what each team will do with its lottery pick this year:1. Wizards- John Wall- Easiest pick to make of the draft, he is the best college player in the nation and could lead this team for years to come

  1. 76ers- Evan Turner- The sixers need help everywhere on the court, but Turner is the next best player on the board.
  2. Nets- Derrick Favors- I think Demarcus Cousins is the better player, but Favors is the choice because the Nets already have a good center and could use the help at forward.
  3. Timberwolves- DeMarcus Cousins- Best center in college basketball the past year and has all of the size and athletic ability to make it far in professional basketball.
  4. Kings- Al Farouq Aminu- He is agood raw talent for the Kings to develop into a future star.
  5. Warriors- Greg Monroe- A good big man for the Warriors.
  6. Pistons- Hassan Whiteside- The Pistons need defensive help and Whiteside could help bring some back onto the court.
  7. Clippers- Wesley Johnson- A solid rookie for the Clippers as they rebuild their team.
  8. Jazz- Ed Davis- A good forward prospect for an underachieving team that is poised to return to the playoffs.
  9. Pacers-

New Method to Win DC Lottery

This method might have been missed by many for the simple reason that the trend is being played over extended period of time.

You are not going to be one of the people who would not make money with this new method.

DC lottery money is here to be made.

You are going to be one of the winners from today.

Please pay close attention.

Winning DC lottery Strategies

The trend started from the middle of this year. You don’t need to bother about the ones that played already. Let us expend the energy into capturing the new method and winning big.

District of Columbia lottery results played 889 to start the trend.

DC 3 played 889 on 6/21/2011. One day later 605 dropped on 6/22/2011. I will elaborate a bit later in this article on 605.

July did not produce any of the other winning numbers in the group. This is precisely why most people do not win. There is nothing wrong in playing Dc 3 winning numbers for upwards of two months.

The payout is about $500 for $1 straight win.

District of Columbia winning numbers

The trend couldn’t wait to resume after none of the group played in July. They started right out of the gate for August on 8/1/2011 with 634.

The next DC number in the group that played was 880 on 8/12/2011. One day later 605 played on 8/13/2011.

The rests of the group are beginning to play more frequent. They are because …

Tennessee Lottery Fund Has Run Out of Money

Tennessee’s 2010 graduating class may be surprised to find out that the Tennessee State Lottery Fund may be out of money by the time they graduate. This could mean fewer scholarships awarded, thus, fewer high school graduates attending college. Do we really want to see fewer students attending college? Higher education should be seen as a priority in Tennessee and an investment in Tennessee’s economy.Data show that Tennessee ranks dead last nationally in the number of ninth grade students that continue their education and earn their degree. Fewer college graduates result in lower wages for Tennessee workers. Because of this lower wage base, Tennessee loses about $400 million of lost revenue. More funds need to be in place to send more high school graduates to college.

What has happened to the lottery scholarship? The state’s lottery fund is projected to have deficits of $20 million a year for years to come. This means that scholarship awards could be lessened or at least not increase for the years to come. Either way, parents and students may not be able to rely on the states lottery scholarship to assist in covering tuition costs.

Since 2004, lawmakers have found creative ways to spend lottery money and have committed millions to fund other programs. Included are medical grants for students who will agree to work in rural areas, the purchase of lap-tops for high school students who are dual enrolled and money for K-12 schools to purchase more energy efficient fixtures and equipment. Governor …

Critical Analysis: Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery"

There is a lot that can be said about Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery." It is a classic for many reasons. It's controversial, especially for the time in which it was written, thought provoking in the underlying meaning of it all, and a terrifyingly accurate account of the darker things people are capable of. Over the years, it has sparked a lot of debate, perhaps because people are uncomfortable with how close to home the story's themes can hit. In it, Jackson touches on such issues as hypocrisy, mob mentality, impatience, and selfishness. She creates a world so normal and innocuous that, from the beginning, the readers find themselves sucked in to the story, able to relate. This is why the ending comes to us as such a great surprise, because one minute we're there, on a warm sunny day with all of our neighbors and friends, and in the next minute, we're part of a world that's full of terrible rituals and unbelievable things. In "The Lottery," Shirley Jackson demonstrates the darkest sides of human nature.Hypocrisy is one of the first themes that we come across as readers in "The Lottery," and there are a few instances in which we see this demonstrated. In the beginning of the story, the men are shown as the typical head of the household, authoritative, chivalrous figures. The men are the ones who draw the names for the whole family, and when the women call for the children and the children don't …

How Winning the Lottery Effects Your Life

First a disclaimer: I am no expert in this subject. Second, I am going to try to be. Third, I am going to imagine what it would be like to win the big million using my own imagination and using what I have observed with other winners.1.Quit my day job. Some I have heard do keep their jobs. And still some may keep them even if they are yet to win. But me that would have to go. Now if you really love the work you do at Big burger. If flinging those greasy patties, putting up with irate customers, making minimum wage is your ideal and you just can't give it up. Go ahead hang onto the fun. I would rather spend my time volunteering, having freedom in my schedule to not be beholden to the boss man or woman as is often the case making me work grueling hours for as little as they can get away with without sick pay and or vacation. No thank you. Permanent vacation here I come.

  1. Speaking of insurance. Health insurance that is. I would finally be able to afford it. I would gladly leave behind the Family clinic where the Doctors seem to get their license from the gumball machine. I would go to the regular clinics where your wait for the Dr. is less than twenty minutes and you are led to a patient's room which remind you of the good old U.S. A. Not the backside of some ….You