Why Don’t We Legalizing Machine Gambling in Georgia?

You see them in the corners of gas stations and bars around Georgia. They are lined against the wall with chairs sitting in front of them. Usually there are people sitting in those chairs giving up dollar after dollar in hopes of winning the jackpot of the day. I am talking about video gambling machines.It seems that everyone is playing these games now a days. It does not matter the background or income level. It is not unusual to see a city council member sitting shoulder to shoulder with a stay-at-home mom in the middle of the night playing these machines. Each person hoping to win the next big payday. So how does it work?

Here are the basic rules to legally pay out on these games. You cannot pay cash for these games. You must be over the age of eighteen to play them. When you win, you are given a gift card that is not valid for gas, tobacco, alcohol, or firearms.

There have been undercover stings where store owners and their employees are arrested for paying cash outs to customers. When a raid is done for these machines, only the employees and owner are charged for committing the crime. The ones playing have their money taken away. After a couple of days, they are playing at a different store.

Every election year when it is suggested that these machines should be legalized it is shot down. The claims are that they are highly addictive. It is …

Visiting Las Vegas for the Gambler in Recovery

There's a lot of stuff to do in Las Vegas other than gambling.It's easy to avoid gambling, even around Las Vegas, if one avoids the "Strip" casinos. It's just to easy as a newly reformed gamer to be drawn in by the lights and the ping-ping-ping noises of the machines. We don't gamble this time, some other time, some other day, Las Vegas can still be a lot of fun to visit, even without gambling being involved.

The hotel desk clerks have free maps to offer visitors, so take one with you, you might need it. Sometimes the clerks will talk to you, other times the clerks are busy with a lot of guests – a lot of the desk clerks don't know much about Las Vegas. Tipping the desk clerk $1 – $3 is enough money for the help. Be sure to get a wake-up call for yourself, as you might oversleep.

Hoover Dam Tours cost between twenty and thirty dollars and can be a lot of fun to do. There are also dinner boat cruises on the Hoover Dam, complete with dancing. The Hoover Dam is located at Lake Mead, south of Las Vegas, there are days of activities there, and lots of things to do. Lake Mead is a beautiful man-made lake created by the Hoover Dam. There are a lot of hiking, bicycling, boating, and other outdoor recreational activities all around Lake Mead.

There are a lot of places to go camping around Lake Mead, …

A Gambler's Guide to Investing in Las Vegas Real Estate

I began investing in Las Vegas real estate only months before the economic recession hit. My investment properties were originally intended for use as house flipping; a practice I had been successful with in California and Washington. Once the banks started collapsing, the real estate market came to a screeching halt and I was stuck with two Vegas houses in the midst of repair.The only way to break even with the Las Vegas real estate was to complete repairs and offer the houses as rentals. The first year was a nightmare. It took months to locate suitable tenants and neither was willing to pay the amount I needed. I had to decide if I was willing to take a financial loss or hope to find tenants who could afford the rental rate. I chose to accept less and hope for the best.

Three years later, I am still incurring a loss on the Vegas homes. At the time I was fortunate enough to buy those properties with cash and have been able to retain tenants who pay their rent on time. Additionally, I have a diversified portfolio of properties located along the West Coast which help offset losses. Otherwise, there is a strong probability I’d be facing foreclosure.

Currently, Las Vegas is a tough market to generate positive cash flow through real estate investments. However, if investors can afford to buy houses with cash and consistently retain good tenants, they can generate positive cash flow until market conditions change.

A …