Top 10 Movies About or Set in the World of Gambling

The World Series of Poker is in full swing in Las Vegas as I write this and its popularity is rising with each passing year. ESPN shows the tournament ad nauseum through the course of the year and people continue to tune into it episode after episode and will likely do so when the new tournament is shown later this summer.In the spirit of the topic I thought it would be fun to pick the 10 best movies either about gambling or set in the gambling world that are worth checking out. Often times the poker played in these films is the stuff of pipe dreams with winning hands beating sometimes near unbeatable hands. The last James Bond film, Casino Royale, ended with a poker hand in which the fourth or fifth best hand is something a commoner like you or me would dream of. The odds of this actually happening are greater then winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning but, hey, it’s the movies so we go with it.

Before I start I wanted to list the absolute worst gambling film ever made:

FEVER PITCH (1985 – Director: Richard Brooks) – Not to be confused with the funny Jimmy Fallon baseball comedy of a few years ago, this dud was the cinematic swan song of writer/director Richard Brooks who crafted out a long and successful career with such movies as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Blackboard Jungle, Elmer Gantry, The Professionals, and In Cold Blood. Brooks’ …

The Non-gambler's Guide to Las Vegas

Vegas is to gambling what Vatican City is to Catholicism. But just like Vatican City gets its fair share of non-Catholic visitors, Las Vegas, too, can be a fun playground for the traveler with little interest in the slots and table games.

Mandalay Bay: Stay in the affordable Lap of Luxury

After staying at other venues in and around Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay is indeed the best hotel around. Make it your home base. It used to be one of the most expensive properties around, but management is working hard to usher in the recession-weary traveler. Room rates vary, but it is possible to get a nice accommodation for $80 a night with a complimentary buffet meal tossed in. Promotions change, so be sure to check in with the hotel often.

Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay

Some 2,000 animals share a number of exhibits. This is not your typical aquarium, of course. Children between five and 12 enter for $12, while adults over 12 pay $18. Truly fearless souls pay $650 to SCUBA dive into the 1.3 million gallon exhibit known as the "Shipwreck." Swimming with you are 30 sharks. All others enjoy the exhibits from the safety of the observation area that mimics a sinking temple. It is the kind of experience you will remember for a long time to come.

Satisfy that inner Car Guy (or Gal)

Ride up to the fifth floor of the Imperial Palace's parking structure. Usually the admission is $8.95 for …

Gambler's Plight

I sit and stareAt spinning reels

Hoping matching symbols appear

Jackpot melody triumphantly playing

Big sums of money attendant paying.

But all I get

Is more of the same

Nothing paying,

just sit there playing

Knowing that it isn't right

I withdraw more money

And worsen my plight.

I think I'm worth it

I work so hard

Just a little reward

It will be alright.

I withdraw more money

And worsen my plight.

Live for today, not tomorrow

For a gambler like me

Can bring much sorrow

No money for rent

Or to eat next week

doesn't mean a thing

I withdraw more money

And worsen my plight.

But it's not too late

To change my ways

Stay out of casinos

And keep my pay.

No more withdrawls

For spinning reels

And empty dreams.

This future of mine

It can be bright

It's just up to me

To change my plight.…

Gambling – Sin, Sickness or Fun

Most things in life are a gamble. We plan from day to day and we make plans for the future. Plans are a gamble because we cannot predict the future. If all the plans come together, then the gamble has been successful. When a person makes a plan for tomorrow, one gamble would be that he/she wakes up tomorrow.According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary, gamble, as a verb, is to play a game for money or property; bet; wager; venture. Gamble, as a noun, is a risky undertaking. We all gamble on the unknown stumbling blocks of the future.

Is Gambling a Sin?

The Bible doesn’t come right out and say that gambling is a sin. There are several verses that mention money, i.e. the love of money is a sin. (1 Timothy 6:10; Hebrews 13:5). Gambling to beat the odds, to win “easy money”, could be considered a sin.

Is Gambling a Sickness?

Gambling, itself is not a sickness. When gambling becomes a compulsion or an addiction, it becomes a sickness. A gambler doesn’t realize where or when he crossed the line. According to CNN Medical Correspondent, Steve Salvatore, addicted gamblers are just as sick as alcoholics. To play in a casino or to play the lottery is gambling. If a person buys one lottery ticket per week, that person is gambling, but wouldn’t be considered an addict. If that same person began increasing the amount of tickets purchased each week, there is an indication that an addiction is …

How I Helped a Client Overcome His Gambling Problem- Day One

I am a foreclosure defense attorney. As part of this process, I assist clients with their budget and financial affairs. One client has recently retained me and he is suffering from an on-line gambling addiction. It sent him personally into a spiral with his finances which resulted in him being in foreclosure. In addition to assisting him with his defenses in his foreclosure case, I wanted to help him overcome his gambling addiction. To start him with this process, I focused him to Gambler’s Anonymous and its 12 step program. I found the 12 steps on GA’s website.

By coming to me, he was already on to Step One of GA- “We admitted that we were powerless over gambling- that our lives had become unmanageable.” By simply coming to me, he admitted that he had a problem with finances and also with gambling. His life and finances were no longer manageable. Gambling was not the original cause of his financial problems, but they sure made them a lot worse. If he did not get his act together, he was facing foreclosure and divorce. In just coming to me, he was forced to admit that his primary problem was gambling. I was glad that he felt free to admit this to me. He had hit “rock bottom”; he was ready to stop digging a bigger hole for himself. He was ready to lift himself up. I was ready to help him more than he had planned.

In coming to me, he …

Build Your Strategy with These Gambling Tips Straight from the Pros

Do you feel like a fool at the gambling table? Gambling is like anything else. The more you practice, the better you'll be. Once you learn the strategies behind this great game, learn to focus on the people around you and their behaviors for clues to further build your strategy.Your eyes do need to stay on the game, but do pay attention to everyone's eyes at the gambling table. Eyes never lie. For example, if a player's length of stare is longer, then they may have big hole cards. You may even see fear in someone's eyes, which could reveal a weak hand. Keep your eyes peeled during the game.

Facial expressions give away huge clues. Facial unhappiness can reveal a weak hand, and on the other hand, players may show confidence when their hand is strong.

Look for signs of anxiety. When someone is anxious, you can notice physical changes, such as the flexing of muscles, trembling hands, or the chest pounding abnormally. Check for sweat beads on the forehead. Also, the pros stare at the vein on the top side of someone's face for blood pressure changes.

Tune into body posture. Many players show obvious posture changes, such as shoulders drop or slump with a weak hand. With a strong hand, confident players sit straight and are attentive. Players who bluff tend to lean forward in a more confrontational way. What posture does your body take on in trying times?

Weak is strong and strong is weak. …

Gamblers Anonymous is Where Every Gambler is Referred To, but it Doesn't Work

Do you remember the insanity definition of all the twelve step programs? What do they say to everyone that attends their meetings?
The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.
Well listen to this – this will blow your mind. I came upon this insight while talking to Richard, a homeless man in Atlanta, GA, while we sat on the curb people watching on the Fourth of July in Midtown AtlantaThe twelve step programs have only about a 10 percent success rate. So, 90% of the people who attend the meetings find it doesn't work. But the twelve steps are used again and again and again. Therefore, the twelve steps are insane because they are repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. Instead of looking inward, and saying, "well something is wrong here, we need to modify our steps if the overwhelming majority of our attendees find it doesn't work," they say, "well the twelve steps are set in stone, they can't be changed, it is the people's fault, they aren't attending enough meetings, they aren't following the steps with sufficient motivation." Now, how crazy is that?

The twelve steps start off by making you state you are powerless over your addiction. However this is contrary to Biblical teaching. Read Luke 17:20-21:
"Some Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. His answer was, "The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way …

There's a Pot of Gold in Legalized Gambling

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Gambling’s entry to the legal stream has never been easy as gambling has always been regarded as a social evil even though it has existed since ancient times. Legalizing gambling was thought by governments as a way of changing people’s attitude toward gambling. A number of social issues can be prevented if gambling is regulated within a defined legal framework and if legalized will of course be a legitimate industry that will bring several benefits like more jobs and increased revenue.Let’s look at a number of available options that a person can run as a good legalized gambling operation.

1) Lottery: This is commonly played by people who can not afford to go to casino and is considered the cheapest form of gambling. Lottery is also a good way of making money, however, since this involves drawing of lots for a prize, there is a very slim chance of winning. Some governments have legalized this form of gambling while others even have organized a national lottery.

2) Casino: Running a casino could give a person setting it up several gambling options that can be housed in one location or facility this would make it very convenient for the customers and giving them several choices. This is one of the reasons why casinos are called the one stop shop of gambling. Available gambling options that can be accommodated in a casino are slot machines, craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, etc. And since we are now living in a hi-tech world, several electronic …

Area Gamblers Aren't Feeling the Pinch of the Tight Economy

They say that in bad economic times about the only thing that people don’t cut back on is entertainment. “Batman the Dark Knight,” this summer’s blockbuster movie, is on its way to breaking all time attendance records, giving Spiderman III and even the mighty Star Wars a run for their money in box office receipts. And St. Louis area gamblers haven’t been staying away from the casinos either. My mom’s favorite thing to do after she retired was to hit the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles near her home several times a week. When things got a little tight, she would simply cut back on the amount of money she put in the machines, going from the quarter slots down to the nickel and so on. If she came out ahead she would save that for the next time her and her friends went and go back up in her denominations.According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, ( local casino revenues jumped 7.5 percent in July, despite the economy being weak. Gamers spent some $90.6 million at the six area casinos in July of 2008. Much of the gain was attributed to the new Lumiere Casino downtown, which opened in December. The area’s revenue leader, Ameristar out in St. Charles, saw an increase of 5.6 percent and the Casino Queen, which sits across the river from Lumiere, saw a slight increase. It’s the first one they have seen since the new casino opened. The President Casino has seen a big …

Women Gamblers of the Wild West, Part 2

Although Poker Alice was almost certainly the most famous woman gambler of the Wild West, Eleanor Dumont was probably the most infamous. Better known to history by her nickname Madame Mustache, Eleanor achieved her fame as a result of being a renowned card cheat. Such was her talent for deception that Eleanor Dumont wasn't even her real name; she was an immigrant from France named Simone Jules.Simone…or Eleanor…didn't earn her moniker because she liked to drink milk. The mustache of Madame Mustache was of the follicular variety. She'd always had a light growth of European hair running beneath her nose, but that didn't stop her from being considered quite the beauty, as it has never stopped many other women. But as she grew older, the mustache grew thicker. Even so, had her personality also not thickened and grown hairier, she might have avoided being known to history as Madame Mustache.

It was the gold rush of 1849 that first saw Madame Mustache pop up on the gambling scene of the Wild West. Just like Poker Alice, however, it wasn't gold nuggets that attracted Simone, it was the potential for relieving gold miners of their paltry finds. A beautiful woman-even with a light mustache-and an honest table were too much the temptation for those stricken with both gold and gambling fever. Madame Mustache soon pocketed enough winnings to enable her to moved to Nevada and run her own casino.

Once in the future Oz of gambling, Simone changed her name to …