Dealing with Increased Pre-Flop 3-Betting in Internet No-Limit Hold'em Games

It’s pretty common knowledge in the sotongdewa community that online poker games are usually much more difficult than live games at similar stakes. For example, $1/2 no-limit hold’em games are fairly difficult while $1/2 live no-limit hold’em games are typically very, very soft. Because of this, new plays that become popular in Internet games don’t always cross over to live games because the players simply aren’t difficult enough to play against to warrant advanced strategies. One mode of play that has become commonplace in Internet hold’em games that isn’t particularly popular in live games of similar stakes is 3-betting or re-raising the initial raiser pre-flop with a wide range of hands. Here we’re going to look at why people have shifted towards this hyper-aggressive style of pre-flop play on the Internet, and what you can do to defend yourself from it.The general scenario plays out like this. It folds to a tight-aggressive player in the cutoff seat (one off of the button) who open-raises to three and a half times the big blind. The button looks down at something like Queen-Nine suited, and makes a 3-bet to twelve big blinds. The blinds fold, and the cutoff folds as well, and the button takes down a nice profit from a hand that didn’t even see the flop. The reason this play works is that the cutoff knows he should be open raising a wide range of hands in such a late position. If the button is aware of this, and also …

Bona Fide Sportsbook Betting Strategies

The avid sports fans always show acute interest in the game they watch following a continuum of emotional highs and lows. Shouts, hard stomps, and the throwing of objects can constitute a normal night of sports television. Less attention is paid to statistical data except the score and more attention is paid to the flow of the game. However, savvy bettors employ a bunch of observation strategies in order to come up with the best wager. They analyze certain facets of the game, such as a team´s defense, offense, tendencies, coaching changes, and mistakes prone to.When placing wagers, knowledge of the teams you´re wagering for/against is key. For example, will you bet the OVER if two of the worst scoring teams in the league are playing in an NBA exhibition and one team´s best defender has 18 blocks in the past five games? Although most sports bettors will not look into the intricacies of a game (i.e. blocks by a player in the past 10 games, turnover trends) and instead rely on scoring and the capabilities of both teams as a whole (defense & offensive ends), thinking along these lines can work wonders. Time and time again, research has proven to be a bona fide tool in the sports betting game. Offensive and defensive NFL lines dictate the flow & pace of NFL games – do you believe a strong defensive line will cause scoring to blast past the OVER?

Another thing to look for when watching games is the …

Baseball's Integrity: Betting Vs. PEDs

The Bible tells us that in God's eyes, all sins are equal. Whether or not you believe in this Christian belief, I think most people can agree, that is not the case in the eyes of humans. We as humans see certain "sins" as being worse than others. Our entire justice system is based on the very idea that a jaywalker and a murderer are not one in the same.

So when it comes to sins levied against the game of baseball, which sin is the worst: betting on the game or getting around the competition with a boost from performance enhancers?

Baseball legend Pete Rose has recently spoke out to let fans know his opinion on which one should send you further down the depths of Bud Selig's inferno.

"They're both bad, but I think when you alter the statistics of baseball that's a lot worse," Rose said on the Dan Patrick Show. "One alters the game and the other hurts no one but you or your family. It's night and day,"

Since those comments were made, quite the debate over Rose's remarks has kicked off. Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan took particular exception to the Hit King's words.

"When you talk about betting on a game, you talk about not just the integrity of the game itself, but the possibility you open up to losing," Passan told Yahoo Report's Evan Dorherty. "Even though Rose said he never bet on the Red's to lose, it goes into your manager …

2012 NFL Week 3 Picks – Predictions & Betting Odds

2012 NFL week 3 picks for win/lose probabilities. The % beside each team is the probability of that team winning the game.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them at the Hawk Fantasy Sports – Fantasy Football Start/Sit Lineup Advice page on Facebook – I will answer questions and offer up some advice there, so feel free to follow along this season. Hawk Michaels @ Hawk Fantasy Sports Blog –

Week 3 — QB Rankings — RB Rankings — WR Rankings — TE Rankings — D Rankings — Waiver Pickups — NFL Weekly Win/Lose Picks

Thursday 9/20/12

New York Giants vs Carolina Panthers = PANTHERS

Sunday 9/23/12

San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings = 49ERS

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts = JAGUARS

St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears = BEARS

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns = BROWNS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys = COWBOYS

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins = JETS

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints = SAINTS

Cincinnati Bengals vs Washington Redskins = BENGALS

Detroit Lions vs Tennessee Titans = TITANS

Atlanta Falcons vs San Diego Chargers = FALCONS

Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals = EAGLES

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders = STEELERS

Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos = TEXANS

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens = RAVENS

Monday 9/24/12

Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks = PACKERS…

UFC 102 Betting Predictions

UFC 101 is in the books, so let’s focus on the next PPV event – UFC 102! There are several fights that should prove for good betting action. Below are my expert predictions (all of which I am betting as well, you got to put your money where your mouth is!)Randy Couture -200 vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira +160
Two legends battle it out in this main event. The 46-year old Randy Couture faces the oldest looking 33-year old in the world. This could very well be the last fight in each man’s career.

Randy is the favorite because he’s extremely popular and is clutch under pressure. However, each man is coming off brutal losses. Nogueira’s loss is a bigger deal since he was man-handled by Frank Mir, not particularly known for his striking. That loss was the first knockout of Nogueira’s career. Couture, on the other hand, is coming off a pummeling from Lesnar but that’s no big surprise.

Both guys are past their prime and I don’t see anyone finishing the other guy. Expect a three-round razor thin decision. If it really is a coin flip fight, let the odds work in your favor.

Pick: Nogueira over Couture (3rd round split decision)

Keith Jardine -175 vs Thiago Silva +145
Keith Jardine is an enigma. He can go in and decisively beat greats like Chuck Liddell or Forrest Griffin. And turn around and get demolished by Houston Alexander or rape-choked by Wanderlei Silva. He his very herky-jerky and …

Spread Betting: Using Guaranteed Stops to Trade

I am getting keen about spread betting but I use only guaranteed ones as I don't have a large capital base. Why? Because I can bring the stops up, so after a little while I am running for free. Plus I don't have the risk of a oiler (for instance) that will drop 50% and my stop will not be triggered and will result in a massive loss. I basically enter my stop loss when I open the position and whatever happen, I stick to it since it will be triggered without me doing anything…My Spread Betting Strategy

Here is my spread betting strategy… If I take the POG example, I opened a first 10GBP/pp, which soon turned into a guaranteed profit so I opened a second one and then a third one (one per contract at the maximum guaranteed position allowed), the 3 are in profit now and whatever happen, they will close on a profit and in the meantime, it gives me a 30GBP/pp spread bet for free.

Using this technique and despite several losses (typo on FTSE (almost making drop the towel), ITL, etc.), I now have a spread betting account with 14 positions between only 5 companies which are all free positions as following my today withdrawal, I took back my entire initial investments.

I am showing a +122.5% on this account should I was closing all of them as we speak and should all these positions triggered their stop loss tomorrow at opening, I …

Betting on the Numbers

See the source image

In 1941, when I started my first job at The American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York, I met a numbers runner for the first time. An individual would come to the area where I worked and take bets from workers. There was a game the workers played. If I guessed what the number to come out the next day was going to be, I’d get $540 for every dollar that I bet. The number to guess could have three digits from 000 to 999. This was a marvelous reward, I thought, and I tried doing it for a while. I didn’t win anything so I reduced the amount bet to ten cents and made ten bets each day. My reasoning was that I had ten times as much chance to win. My bets were no more successful with this strategy than they had been before.I thought about the problem and hit upon an idea that I thought might work. I asked the runner if he could give me a list of the winning numbers for the last several years. He was able to do this and did. I divided the numbers into 100 groups of ten numbers each. (There are 1000 possible numbers between the numbers 000 and 999.) I numbered each group from 1 to 100 and made a table that showed how many times a number had won in each group. Some groups had one or two winning numbers, some six or seven, some none. I felt …

Super Bowl 45 MVP Prediction; Betting Pick and Information

Super Bowl 44 MVP was Santonio Holmes, and I hate to say I told you so, but I did. A week before the Super Bowl I published an article about why Holmes would win the MVP even though he was a 16/1 underdog. Although I can't promise a repeat in success, I am confident of my Super Bowl 45 MVP selection.My Super Bowl MVP choice is obviously based on my overall prediction of Super Bowl 45, which you can find here. I am predicting that the MVP will come from the winning team, that team being the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am predicting a game that is determined by the Steelers defense and is low scoring (Under the 44.5 point total).
The Steelers have the best overall rush defense, and the Packers have one of the worst rushing offenses in the league. This will force the Packers into throwing the ball early and often. Although Rodgers has been picking apart most defenses in the playoffs, the Steelers will be ready to anticipate Rodgers' next move in every scenario. The Steelers secondary will have to step up if Pittsburgh is to win this game.

Super Bowl 45 MVP: Troy Polamalu, 15/1
I am once again picking a heavy underdog as my Super Bowl MVP. Polamalu is a game changer and gets enough attention and recognition to be considered as an MVP is the Steelers pull out a victory. The main competitor against Polamalu will be Roethlisberger, who is at 3/1 according to …

NFL 2010: Early Las Vegas Betting Lines & Picks for October 10th

The Las Vegas Hilton Superbook and Jay Korneguy have put themselves on the line for a total of 80 NFL Games of the Week. The NFL Games of the Week featured for the week of October 10th, highlight some interesting rivalry match ups and some creative inter league games.Sunday October 10th, 2010.
New York Giants vs Houston Texans -3.
This game early in the 2010 NFL season will establish which way each of these teams is going. The New York Giants started the 2009 NFL season on fire and then slowed to a simmer to end their season. This game in Houston’s Reliant Stadium will not be a good road trip for Eli Manning and his New York Giants.

Houston’s high powered offense will give the New York Giants defense all they can handle. Matt Schaub and his receiving corps should have an easy time of it versus New York. Look for this game to have an abundance of scoring with New York having to score in garbage time. Give the over a look once it is posted on this game. Take Houston -3 to beat New York.

New Orleans Saints -5.5 vs Arizona Cardinals.
The New Orleans Saints will have a tough 2010 NFL season but this will not be one of their tougher games. Arizona will still be trying to work with Matt Leinert this early in the season and this may be the game that lands Leinert back on the bench. Arizona may have circled this …

2010 World Cup Favorites and Betting Odds

Which countries are the favorites to win World Cup 2010? It's a question that sports fans around the world have been asking for the past four years. Now that the South Africa World Cup 2010 is finally ready to get started, it's time to offer a final review on the World Cup favorites and betting odds to help give you an idea about what to expect.2010 World Cup Favorites with Betting Odds

The two favorites to win the World Cup are the two countries unanimously viewed as the best two teams in the world, Spain and Brazil. gives the lead to Spain, placing them at 7/2 odds of winning the World Cup, with Brazil going off at 9/2. has the same two top teams with slightly different odds, with Spain going off at 4/1 and Brazil at 5/1.

The two websites have similar odds from the rest of the top 5 favorites to win the World Cup as well. has England at 7/1, Argentina at 13/2 and the Netherlands at 11/1. rounds out their top five with England at 6/1, Argentina at 15/2 and the Netherlands at 11/1.

Top 10 World Cup 2010 Favorites

Here's what the entire top 10 favorites to win the 2010 World Cup look like:

Spain 4/1 (Sportsbook); 7/2 (Bodog)

Brazil 5/1 (Sportsbook); 9/2 (Bodog)

England 6/1 (Sportsbook); 7/1 (Bodog)

Argentina 15/2 (Sportsbook); 13/2 (Bodog)

Netherlands 11/1 (Sportsbook); 11/1(Bodog)

Germany 12/1 (Sportsbook); 16/1 (Bodog)

Italy 12/1 (Sportsbook); 14/1(Bodog)

France 18/1 (Sportsbook); …