Buy a Lottery Ticket – It's OK to Dream!

Like many other dreamers out there, I like to buy lottery tickets. Sure, I know that I will probably never win anything other than some free tickets or a measly $5 prize, but hey, I don't care. I love waking up in the morning and retrieving the newspaper and then opening it up to the page that reveals last night's winning lottery numbers. The anticipation is so exciting, especially if the first number that you notice is one of the numbers that you picked! The cold, hard reality does eventually settle in, as you later realize that you didn't match any of the other numbers, but hey, it was an exciting 10 seconds, wasn't it? I can dream, can't I? Hey, somebody has to win, right? Why can't it be me? Why can't it be you? Why can't it be your mother? Why can't it be your father? Why can't it be your girlfriend or boyfriend? It has to be SOMEBODY!A friend of mine ridicules me for wasting a couple dollars a week on these tickets. Meanwhile, he spends about $10 a week on Twinkies and soda pop. How can you make fun of me for throwing away $3 a week on lotto tickets while you spend $10 a week on CRAP?! Hey, at least these lotto tickets won't turn me into an obese creature! In my opinion, HE is the one wasting money! Buying that junk does you absolutely no good. It's only good for curing your late night munchies. But even then, you have ultimately flushed your money down the toilet, just like me . . . the only difference is that you flushed MORE money down the toilet than I did!

Hey, at least with a lottery ticket, I can dream. The only thing you can do with Twinkies and soda is watch your waistline gradually expand. It doesn't stop there, either! Once you start gaining weight from eating all this crap, you'll outgrow your clothes . . . and then you'll have to spend even MORE money in order to get a brand new wardrobe. Say hello to the "Big and Tall" section, my friend!

Here's to all of you people that are like my friend. If you are a junk food junkie, then leave us lottery ticket buyers alone! You are wasting more money than we are! Let us be! Let us spend our money how we want! In turn, we will let you spend your money how YOU want!

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