Bona Fide Sportsbook Betting Strategies

The avid sports fans always show acute interest in the game they watch following a continuum of emotional highs and lows. Shouts, hard stomps, and the throwing of objects can constitute a normal night of sports television. Less attention is paid to statistical data except the score and more attention is paid to the flow of the game. However, savvy bettors employ a bunch of observation strategies in order to come up with the best wager. They analyze certain facets of the game, such as a team´s defense, offense, tendencies, coaching changes, and mistakes prone to.When placing wagers, knowledge of the teams you´re wagering for/against is key. For example, will you bet the OVER if two of the worst scoring teams in the league are playing in an NBA exhibition and one team´s best defender has 18 blocks in the past five games? Although most sports bettors will not look into the intricacies of a game (i.e. blocks by a player in the past 10 games, turnover trends) and instead rely on scoring and the capabilities of both teams as a whole (defense & offensive ends), thinking along these lines can work wonders. Time and time again, research has proven to be a bona fide tool in the sports betting game. Offensive and defensive NFL lines dictate the flow & pace of NFL games – do you believe a strong defensive line will cause scoring to blast past the OVER?

Another thing to look for when watching games is the team´s playing style. The playmaking abilities of a team can mean the difference between an additional $1000 to your debit account or a visit to the lender. Does Chicago run a half court offense where scoring comes in droves instead of consistently? Or do they run a fast break offense with plenty of dishes and easy layups? What about a team that lags on defense and have the exposed weakness of failed defense adjustments to a team´s offenses in the first quarter, where they can shoot torrents and chip pieces to reach the OVER? Take the NBA´s Atlanta Hawks for instance. The leagues worst team during the regular season, they are one of the few teams without a high caliber player capable of taking over games. What does this mean? In essence, it means the Hawks will never shoot lights out play after play.

Generally, you need a star player to serve as a catalyst sparking the team´s offense. Another important facet to observe is the team's defensive capabilities & tendencies. Are full court presses common in the Detroit Piston defensive system during fourth quarters? Can Jamal Crawford and Stephon Marbury, who constitute one of the leagues worst defensive backcourts, effectively guard Washington´s Larry Hughes and Gilbert Arenas? These observations can lean you towards choosing a point spread.

Avid sports bettors love to be diverse, wagering on a breadth of college and professional games on teams from all conferences. If you want to stay on top of your game, buy that satellite dish that offers 100´s of games during the week! Betting is not limited to the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Buffalo Bills – you have Southern Illinois Saluki games to wager on as well! Last but not least, a critical observation to wtach for is the overall intelligence and crunch time ability of each individual team. Does a team possess enough firepower to score frequently during the final minutes and cover your spread? Undisciplined teams are easier to wager against because they´ve shown to perform dumb mistakes on the field time and time again. One failed snap can mean the difference between covering the spread or a 2 hour slumber. The coaching staff is essential as well: bet on teams with exceptional coaches that have a knack for calling the right play during the final seconds. Whether they call for a field goal or a punt could make or break your spread.

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