Build Your Strategy with These Gambling Tips Straight from the Pros

Do you feel like a fool at the gambling table? Gambling is like anything else. The more you practice, the better you'll be. Once you learn the strategies behind this great game, learn to focus on the people around you and their behaviors for clues to further build your strategy.Your eyes do need to stay on the game, but do pay attention to everyone's eyes at the gambling table. Eyes never lie. For example, if a player's length of stare is longer, then they may have big hole cards. You may even see fear in someone's eyes, which could reveal a weak hand. Keep your eyes peeled during the game.

Facial expressions give away huge clues. Facial unhappiness can reveal a weak hand, and on the other hand, players may show confidence when their hand is strong.

Look for signs of anxiety. When someone is anxious, you can notice physical changes, such as the flexing of muscles, trembling hands, or the chest pounding abnormally. Check for sweat beads on the forehead. Also, the pros stare at the vein on the top side of someone's face for blood pressure changes.

Tune into body posture. Many players show obvious posture changes, such as shoulders drop or slump with a weak hand. With a strong hand, confident players sit straight and are attentive. Players who bluff tend to lean forward in a more confrontational way. What posture does your body take on in trying times?

Weak is strong and strong is weak. …

Gamblers Anonymous is Where Every Gambler is Referred To, but it Doesn't Work

Do you remember the insanity definition of all the twelve step programs? What do they say to everyone that attends their meetings?
The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results.
Well listen to this – this will blow your mind. I came upon this insight while talking to Richard, a homeless man in Atlanta, GA, while we sat on the curb people watching on the Fourth of July in Midtown AtlantaThe twelve step programs have only about a 10 percent success rate. So, 90% of the people who attend the meetings find it doesn't work. But the twelve steps are used again and again and again. Therefore, the twelve steps are insane because they are repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. Instead of looking inward, and saying, "well something is wrong here, we need to modify our steps if the overwhelming majority of our attendees find it doesn't work," they say, "well the twelve steps are set in stone, they can't be changed, it is the people's fault, they aren't attending enough meetings, they aren't following the steps with sufficient motivation." Now, how crazy is that?

The twelve steps start off by making you state you are powerless over your addiction. However this is contrary to Biblical teaching. Read Luke 17:20-21:
"Some Pharisees asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come. His answer was, "The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way …

Lottery Daydreams

When lottery jackpots grow people naturally daydream about what they would do if by chance they won.I, like so many Americans, enjoy a few cool beverages after the day's work. I commonly go to a little neighborhood bar by my home for an idle hour of conversation The kind of place where everybody knows your name. The patrons are mostly middle-aged working class people, married with children in various stages of education and life.

Recently, the conversation turned to lottery day dreams and people took turns discussing what they would do with their new-found wealth. Some would retire sooner and in more comfort than they had planned. Some would improve their homes or buy a new home they had always wanted. Some would pay their children's mortgages and make their lives more comfortable. Others would pay their children's or grandchildren's education to help them achieve their goals. For the most part things like that. One guy did observe that he would prepay his stay at the Betty Ford Clinic.

I was struck by the uniform generosity and kindness of these day dreams. This money, if won, would simply fulfill things people had been working on their whole lives in a few, very lucky seconds. No one wanted to corner the market on some commodity or set up a rival to Bain Capital or Berkshire-Hathaway.

I'm sure these conversations were repeated thousands of times the whole way across the country and they confirm what I have always thought: The average American …

Bona Fide Sportsbook Betting Strategies

The avid sports fans always show acute interest in the game they watch following a continuum of emotional highs and lows. Shouts, hard stomps, and the throwing of objects can constitute a normal night of sports television. Less attention is paid to statistical data except the score and more attention is paid to the flow of the game. However, savvy bettors employ a bunch of observation strategies in order to come up with the best wager. They analyze certain facets of the game, such as a team´s defense, offense, tendencies, coaching changes, and mistakes prone to.When placing wagers, knowledge of the teams you´re wagering for/against is key. For example, will you bet the OVER if two of the worst scoring teams in the league are playing in an NBA exhibition and one team´s best defender has 18 blocks in the past five games? Although most sports bettors will not look into the intricacies of a game (i.e. blocks by a player in the past 10 games, turnover trends) and instead rely on scoring and the capabilities of both teams as a whole (defense & offensive ends), thinking along these lines can work wonders. Time and time again, research has proven to be a bona fide tool in the sports betting game. Offensive and defensive NFL lines dictate the flow & pace of NFL games – do you believe a strong defensive line will cause scoring to blast past the OVER?

Another thing to look for when watching games is the …

There's a Pot of Gold in Legalized Gambling

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Gambling’s entry to the legal stream has never been easy as gambling has always been regarded as a social evil even though it has existed since ancient times. Legalizing gambling was thought by governments as a way of changing people’s attitude toward gambling. A number of social issues can be prevented if gambling is regulated within a defined legal framework and if legalized will of course be a legitimate industry that will bring several benefits like more jobs and increased revenue.Let’s look at a number of available options that a person can run as a good legalized gambling operation.

1) Lottery: This is commonly played by people who can not afford to go to casino and is considered the cheapest form of gambling. Lottery is also a good way of making money, however, since this involves drawing of lots for a prize, there is a very slim chance of winning. Some governments have legalized this form of gambling while others even have organized a national lottery.

2) Casino: Running a casino could give a person setting it up several gambling options that can be housed in one location or facility this would make it very convenient for the customers and giving them several choices. This is one of the reasons why casinos are called the one stop shop of gambling. Available gambling options that can be accommodated in a casino are slot machines, craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, etc. And since we are now living in a hi-tech world, several electronic …

The NBA Draft Lottery Results and Analysis

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Last night’s NBA Draft Lottery had a few surprises, but nearly as much surprise as the Bulls getting the number one slot a few years ago. The Wizards were lucky enough to have won the first pick of the draft, which they will likely select John Wall. Here is my analysis of what each team will do with its lottery pick this year:1. Wizards- John Wall- Easiest pick to make of the draft, he is the best college player in the nation and could lead this team for years to come

  1. 76ers- Evan Turner- The sixers need help everywhere on the court, but Turner is the next best player on the board.
  2. Nets- Derrick Favors- I think Demarcus Cousins is the better player, but Favors is the choice because the Nets already have a good center and could use the help at forward.
  3. Timberwolves- DeMarcus Cousins- Best center in college basketball the past year and has all of the size and athletic ability to make it far in professional basketball.
  4. Kings- Al Farouq Aminu- He is agood raw talent for the Kings to develop into a future star.
  5. Warriors- Greg Monroe- A good big man for the Warriors.
  6. Pistons- Hassan Whiteside- The Pistons need defensive help and Whiteside could help bring some back onto the court.
  7. Clippers- Wesley Johnson- A solid rookie for the Clippers as they rebuild their team.
  8. Jazz- Ed Davis- A good forward prospect for an underachieving team that is poised to return to the playoffs.
  9. Pacers-

Baseball's Integrity: Betting Vs. PEDs

The Bible tells us that in God's eyes, all sins are equal. Whether or not you believe in this Christian belief, I think most people can agree, that is not the case in the eyes of humans. We as humans see certain "sins" as being worse than others. Our entire justice system is based on the very idea that a jaywalker and a murderer are not one in the same.

So when it comes to sins levied against the game of baseball, which sin is the worst: betting on the game or getting around the competition with a boost from performance enhancers?

Baseball legend Pete Rose has recently spoke out to let fans know his opinion on which one should send you further down the depths of Bud Selig's inferno.

"They're both bad, but I think when you alter the statistics of baseball that's a lot worse," Rose said on the Dan Patrick Show. "One alters the game and the other hurts no one but you or your family. It's night and day,"

Since those comments were made, quite the debate over Rose's remarks has kicked off. Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan took particular exception to the Hit King's words.

"When you talk about betting on a game, you talk about not just the integrity of the game itself, but the possibility you open up to losing," Passan told Yahoo Report's Evan Dorherty. "Even though Rose said he never bet on the Red's to lose, it goes into your manager …

2012 NFL Week 3 Picks – Predictions & Betting Odds

2012 NFL week 3 picks for win/lose probabilities. The % beside each team is the probability of that team winning the game.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them at the Hawk Fantasy Sports – Fantasy Football Start/Sit Lineup Advice page on Facebook – I will answer questions and offer up some advice there, so feel free to follow along this season. Hawk Michaels @ Hawk Fantasy Sports Blog –

Week 3 — QB Rankings — RB Rankings — WR Rankings — TE Rankings — D Rankings — Waiver Pickups — NFL Weekly Win/Lose Picks

Thursday 9/20/12

New York Giants vs Carolina Panthers = PANTHERS

Sunday 9/23/12

San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings = 49ERS

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts = JAGUARS

St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears = BEARS

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns = BROWNS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys = COWBOYS

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins = JETS

Kansas City Chiefs vs New Orleans Saints = SAINTS

Cincinnati Bengals vs Washington Redskins = BENGALS

Detroit Lions vs Tennessee Titans = TITANS

Atlanta Falcons vs San Diego Chargers = FALCONS

Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals = EAGLES

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders = STEELERS

Houston Texans vs Denver Broncos = TEXANS

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens = RAVENS

Monday 9/24/12

Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks = PACKERS…

New Method to Win DC Lottery

This method might have been missed by many for the simple reason that the trend is being played over extended period of time.

You are not going to be one of the people who would not make money with this new method.

DC lottery money is here to be made.

You are going to be one of the winners from today.

Please pay close attention.

Winning DC lottery Strategies

The trend started from the middle of this year. You don’t need to bother about the ones that played already. Let us expend the energy into capturing the new method and winning big.

District of Columbia lottery results played 889 to start the trend.

DC 3 played 889 on 6/21/2011. One day later 605 dropped on 6/22/2011. I will elaborate a bit later in this article on 605.

July did not produce any of the other winning numbers in the group. This is precisely why most people do not win. There is nothing wrong in playing Dc 3 winning numbers for upwards of two months.

The payout is about $500 for $1 straight win.

District of Columbia winning numbers

The trend couldn’t wait to resume after none of the group played in July. They started right out of the gate for August on 8/1/2011 with 634.

The next DC number in the group that played was 880 on 8/12/2011. One day later 605 played on 8/13/2011.

The rests of the group are beginning to play more frequent. They are because …

Tennessee Lottery Fund Has Run Out of Money

Tennessee’s 2010 graduating class may be surprised to find out that the Tennessee State Lottery Fund may be out of money by the time they graduate. This could mean fewer scholarships awarded, thus, fewer high school graduates attending college. Do we really want to see fewer students attending college? Higher education should be seen as a priority in Tennessee and an investment in Tennessee’s economy.Data show that Tennessee ranks dead last nationally in the number of ninth grade students that continue their education and earn their degree. Fewer college graduates result in lower wages for Tennessee workers. Because of this lower wage base, Tennessee loses about $400 million of lost revenue. More funds need to be in place to send more high school graduates to college.

What has happened to the lottery scholarship? The state’s lottery fund is projected to have deficits of $20 million a year for years to come. This means that scholarship awards could be lessened or at least not increase for the years to come. Either way, parents and students may not be able to rely on the states lottery scholarship to assist in covering tuition costs.

Since 2004, lawmakers have found creative ways to spend lottery money and have committed millions to fund other programs. Included are medical grants for students who will agree to work in rural areas, the purchase of lap-tops for high school students who are dual enrolled and money for K-12 schools to purchase more energy efficient fixtures and equipment. Governor …