Top 10 Movies About or Set in the World of Gambling

The World Series of Poker is in full swing in Las Vegas as I write this and its popularity is rising with each passing year. ESPN shows the tournament ad nauseum through the course of the year and people continue to tune into it episode after episode and will likely do so when the new tournament is shown later this summer.In the spirit of the topic I thought it would be fun to pick the 10 best movies either about gambling or set in the gambling world that are worth checking out. Often times the poker played in these films is the stuff of pipe dreams with winning hands beating sometimes near unbeatable hands. The last James Bond film, Casino Royale, ended with a poker hand in which the fourth or fifth best hand is something a commoner like you or me would dream of. The odds of this actually happening are greater then winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning but, hey, it’s the movies so we go with it.

Before I start I wanted to list the absolute worst gambling film ever made:

FEVER PITCH (1985 – Director: Richard Brooks) – Not to be confused with the funny Jimmy Fallon baseball comedy of a few years ago, this dud was the cinematic swan song of writer/director Richard Brooks who crafted out a long and successful career with such movies as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Blackboard Jungle, Elmer Gantry, The Professionals, and In Cold Blood. Brooks’ …