Five Ideas for Lottery Winners

First thought when hearing the word lottery: money. Second or third thought? Cars, houses, vacations; materialistic ideas that are closely associated with winning any large sum of money. What would you do if you were to become one of the few who have won the lottery?With money comes power. You can change your life for the better or the worst. The logical thing to do would be to put a certain amount aside so that you won't have any expenses to pay the rest of your life. But what's the fun in that? You only live once, and how many people get this opportunity? Go crazy; make memories that will last longer than your money ever could.

First thing to do on my list would be travelling. Hitting all of the main tourist attractions around the world would be necessary, but also exploring and discovering would be a rewarding adventure. Imagine finding a private oasis beneath the undercover of menacing, towering trees off of a worn dirt path. Breathtaking sights are waiting to be unveiled.

Winning the lottery would allow you to buy virtually anything. Designing your own amusement park would be an interesting idea, especially since you could afford to switch what rides are available or what entertainment is performing. Being an artistic person, I'd want to build my own house on a unique spot of land. The possibilities of buying and building seem to be never ending.

Third activity on the list would be using the money to …