Build Your Strategy with These Gambling Tips Straight from the Pros

Do you feel like a fool at the gambling table? Gambling is like anything else. The more you practice, the better you'll be. Once you learn the strategies behind this great game, learn to focus on the people around you and their behaviors for clues to further build your strategy.Your eyes do need to stay on the game, but do pay attention to everyone's eyes at the gambling table. Eyes never lie. For example, if a player's length of stare is longer, then they may have big hole cards. You may even see fear in someone's eyes, which could reveal a weak hand. Keep your eyes peeled during the game.

Facial expressions give away huge clues. Facial unhappiness can reveal a weak hand, and on the other hand, players may show confidence when their hand is strong.

Look for signs of anxiety. When someone is anxious, you can notice physical changes, such as the flexing of muscles, trembling hands, or the chest pounding abnormally. Check for sweat beads on the forehead. Also, the pros stare at the vein on the top side of someone's face for blood pressure changes.

Tune into body posture. Many players show obvious posture changes, such as shoulders drop or slump with a weak hand. With a strong hand, confident players sit straight and are attentive. Players who bluff tend to lean forward in a more confrontational way. What posture does your body take on in trying times?

Weak is strong and strong is weak. …