Baseball's Integrity: Betting Vs. PEDs

The Bible tells us that in God's eyes, all sins are equal. Whether or not you believe in this Christian belief, I think most people can agree, that is not the case in the eyes of humans. We as humans see certain "sins" as being worse than others. Our entire justice system is based on the very idea that a jaywalker and a murderer are not one in the same.

So when it comes to sins levied against the game of baseball, which sin is the worst: betting on the game or getting around the competition with a boost from performance enhancers?

Baseball legend Pete Rose has recently spoke out to let fans know his opinion on which one should send you further down the depths of Bud Selig's inferno.

"They're both bad, but I think when you alter the statistics of baseball that's a lot worse," Rose said on the Dan Patrick Show. "One alters the game and the other hurts no one but you or your family. It's night and day,"

Since those comments were made, quite the debate over Rose's remarks has kicked off. Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan took particular exception to the Hit King's words.

"When you talk about betting on a game, you talk about not just the integrity of the game itself, but the possibility you open up to losing," Passan told Yahoo Report's Evan Dorherty. "Even though Rose said he never bet on the Red's to lose, it goes into your manager …