How Winning the Lottery Effects Your Life

First a disclaimer: I am no expert in this subject. Second, I am going to try to be. Third, I am going to imagine what it would be like to win the big million using my own imagination and using what I have observed with other winners.1.Quit my day job. Some I have heard do keep their jobs. And still some may keep them even if they are yet to win. But me that would have to go. Now if you really love the work you do at Big burger. If flinging those greasy patties, putting up with irate customers, making minimum wage is your ideal and you just can't give it up. Go ahead hang onto the fun. I would rather spend my time volunteering, having freedom in my schedule to not be beholden to the boss man or woman as is often the case making me work grueling hours for as little as they can get away with without sick pay and or vacation. No thank you. Permanent vacation here I come.

  1. Speaking of insurance. Health insurance that is. I would finally be able to afford it. I would gladly leave behind the Family clinic where the Doctors seem to get their license from the gumball machine. I would go to the regular clinics where your wait for the Dr. is less than twenty minutes and you are led to a patient's room which remind you of the good old U.S. A. Not the backside of some ….You