Spread Betting: Using Guaranteed Stops to Trade

I am getting keen about spread betting but I use only guaranteed ones as I don't have a large capital base. Why? Because I can bring the stops up, so after a little while I am running for free. Plus I don't have the risk of a oiler (for instance) that will drop 50% and my stop will not be triggered and will result in a massive loss. I basically enter my stop loss when I open the position and whatever happen, I stick to it since it will be triggered without me doing anything…My Spread Betting Strategy

Here is my spread betting strategy… If I take the POG example, I opened a first 10GBP/pp, which soon turned into a guaranteed profit so I opened a second one and then a third one (one per contract at the maximum guaranteed position allowed), the 3 are in profit now and whatever happen, they will close on a profit and in the meantime, it gives me a 30GBP/pp spread bet for free.

Using this technique and despite several losses (typo on FTSE (almost making drop the towel), ITL, etc.), I now have a spread betting account with 14 positions between only 5 companies which are all free positions as following my today withdrawal, I took back my entire initial investments.

I am showing a +122.5% on this account should I was closing all of them as we speak and should all these positions triggered their stop loss tomorrow at opening, I …