If I Won the Lottery

If you won the lottery
what whould you do?
That was the question
the interviewer asked.
If I had lots of money?
I said, I would build
a playground /museum
for autistic kids
and the disabled kids.
Play, have a good time,
laugh, eat good food.
"A joyful heart is good medicine"
says proverbs.
She said go play the lottery. …

Women Gamblers of the Wild West, Part 2

Although Poker Alice was almost certainly the most famous woman gambler of the Wild West, Eleanor Dumont was probably the most infamous. Better known to history by her nickname Madame Mustache, Eleanor achieved her fame as a result of being a renowned card cheat. Such was her talent for deception that Eleanor Dumont wasn't even her real name; she was an immigrant from France named Simone Jules.Simone…or Eleanor…didn't earn her moniker because she liked to drink milk. The mustache of Madame Mustache was of the follicular variety. She'd always had a light growth of European hair running beneath her nose, but that didn't stop her from being considered quite the beauty, as it has never stopped many other women. But as she grew older, the mustache grew thicker. Even so, had her personality also not thickened and grown hairier, she might have avoided being known to history as Madame Mustache.

It was the gold rush of 1849 that first saw Madame Mustache pop up on the gambling scene of the Wild West. Just like Poker Alice, however, it wasn't gold nuggets that attracted Simone, it was the potential for relieving gold miners of their paltry finds. A beautiful woman-even with a light mustache-and an honest table were too much the temptation for those stricken with both gold and gambling fever. Madame Mustache soon pocketed enough winnings to enable her to moved to Nevada and run her own casino.

Once in the future Oz of gambling, Simone changed her name to …