A Method to Winning the Lottery

As a daily lottery player I can tell you that there is nothing like your first win. It instantly takes away the memories of all the previous day, weeks and months losses. The day you win the lottery you immediately go out and play extra numbers, this betters your chances. Playing more numbers do better your chances in mathematical terms, but overspending daily to chase those extra numbers, won't put you ahead even when you do win. You will still be in the whole from the gambling of days gone by.The daily numbers, or the "Numbers Game" is statistically a better bet. Picking three numbers instead of four is about the cut off for making any good money if you hit, while still spending minimal. Unless you are willing to put a massive bet on the 1 or 2 numbers for winning.

I will start off by saying if you pick a 3 number bet for $1 and you win, the winnings will be over the $500 dollar mark, which is the cut off for collecting your winnings at a store lottery agent. You will need to go to the lottery sub headquarters to collect and their you will have to fill out tax forms.

If you play the same 3 numbers for 50 cents and play that number 2,3,or 4 times, you will not have to go to the lottery sub headquarters if you win. You can take all your tickets to the store, collect your winnings. You legally …