2010 World Cup Favorites and Betting Odds

Which countries are the favorites to win World Cup 2010? It's a question that sports fans around the world have been asking for the past four years. Now that the South Africa World Cup 2010 is finally ready to get started, it's time to offer a final review on the World Cup favorites and betting odds to help give you an idea about what to expect.2010 World Cup Favorites with Betting Odds

The two favorites to win the World Cup are the two countries unanimously viewed as the best two teams in the world, Spain and Brazil. Bodog.com gives the lead to Spain, placing them at 7/2 odds of winning the World Cup, with Brazil going off at 9/2. Sportsbook.com has the same two top teams with slightly different odds, with Spain going off at 4/1 and Brazil at 5/1.

The two websites have similar odds from the rest of the top 5 favorites to win the World Cup as well. Bodog.com has England at 7/1, Argentina at 13/2 and the Netherlands at 11/1. Sportsbook.com rounds out their top five with England at 6/1, Argentina at 15/2 and the Netherlands at 11/1.

Top 10 World Cup 2010 Favorites

Here's what the entire top 10 favorites to win the 2010 World Cup look like:

Spain 4/1 (Sportsbook); 7/2 (Bodog)

Brazil 5/1 (Sportsbook); 9/2 (Bodog)

England 6/1 (Sportsbook); 7/1 (Bodog)

Argentina 15/2 (Sportsbook); 13/2 (Bodog)

Netherlands 11/1 (Sportsbook); 11/1(Bodog)

Germany 12/1 (Sportsbook); 16/1 (Bodog)

Italy 12/1 (Sportsbook); 14/1(Bodog)

France 18/1 (Sportsbook); 16/1 (Bodog)

Portugal 28/1 (Sportsbook); 25/1(Bodog)

Ivorry Coast 33/1 (Sportsbook); 33/1(Bodog)

What are the Odds that the United States wins the 2010 World Cup?

According to the FIFA World Rankings from FIFA.com, the US soccer team is one of the top 15 squads in the world. So what are the chances that the US wins their first World Cup in South Africa? Sportsbook.com places them at 66/1, while Bodog.com is a little bit more optimistic, placing them at 50/1.

Who are the Biggest Long Shots to Win the 2010 World Cup?

If you feel like taking a flier on an underdog, you can get some mind-boggling odds betting on the big underdogs at the World Cup. North Korea and New Zealand are both placed at 2000/1 at Sportsbook.com. Not a bad return on investment, although good luck seeing that pan out! On Sportsbook.com New Zealand is a 2000/1 underdog, but North Korea has more of a fighting chance at 1000/1.

Host country South Africa is going off at 125/1 on Sportsbook.com and Bodog.com has them at 150/1. The odds aren't too long for them in comparison, after all, the home team has won the World Cup a staggering 33% of the time!

More Ways to Bet on the 2010 World Cup

Of course, there is more to betting on the World Cup than simply the favorites. You can bet on almost anything regarding the World Cup, including winners and advancing countries from the groups and group standings, individual game bets and one of the more popular and interesting categories, leading scorers for the tournament.

The favorites for that include luminaries such as Lionel Messi (+800), Wayne Rooney, (+1000) and Luis Fabiano (+1100), according to Sportsbook.com. It's a tricky bet to make though, since you need not only the player to score, but you need his team to continue advancing so he has as many opportunities to continue tallying up points as possible.

You can also place bets on which teams make it to the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final game, you can bet on red cards in the final, players scoring two or more goals in the final, whether or not a country will win the World Cup for the first time and more.

It's all part of the fun for the biggest sporting event in the world. So before you place your bets do your homework on the odds and chances right here with the top 2010 World Cup favorites and the other interesting bets and wagers you can place.

To bet on the 2010 World Cup, you can signup for Bodog and receive some bonuses on your deposits or you an visit Sportsbook.com to sign up with them.

All betting odds were taken from the cited websites and were accurate as of May 21.

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